Tree of Joy Headquarters

"No Tags Left on the Tree"
Every child will experience the
Joy of Christmas


Every year since 1984, the Rotary Clubs of Bend, Oregon (USA) have come together to insure that every child will experience the joy of Christmas by receiving gifts donated by the citizens of Bend.

This year the Tree of Joy continues once again but with a new overseer . . . the Bend branch of The Salvation Army.  For many years, The Salvation Army has been responsible for screening and qualifying those who are eligible for participation in the Tree of Joy.  This year, we are streamlining the entire Tree of Joy operation by availing ourselves of The Salvation Army's fulltime staff and organization.

We will still serve approximately 900 individuals, but we'll use the Salvation Army's sorting center, their pre-printed "tags" and their package pick-up operation.  It will be easier for recipients, easier for The Salvation Army and will insure that everyone who is eligible to participate in the program will receive their gifts and a food basket in a timely manner.

We are very grateful for The Salvation Army's oversight of the program this year in terms of the "administrative" side of Tree of Joy operations.  But this is still very much the "Rotary" Tree of Joy and you will still see local Rotarians staffing the "Tree of Joy" in the Old Mill District, and Rotarians will still be involved with and assist TSA wherever and whenever they are needed.

Three new "partners" this year are Selco Credit Union, Mid-Oregon Credit Union, and On-Point Credit Union.  In addition to the main "Tree of Joy' located inside Santa Land in the Old Mill District, individuals can visit the downtown Bend offices of above three credit unions and choose tags from the three additional Trees of Joy for recipients.  There are Rotarians located in each of the branches who can answer your questions.


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